"Through the creative outlet of musical expression, Doc McCrae, unleashes his soul to connect with the innermost depths, and universal driving forces in all our lives;  Our hopes, our desires, our fears and our failures,

McCrae  can deliver it in a way that will bring a smile to your face

& laughter to your heart".

"Troubadours that echo the triumph and tragedy, life's human experience".

Singer Songwriter.

The New Album by, 

The Doc McCrae Band,
'Sons of Whiskey Women' 

*(To Be Released: Late 2017.)

 Doc McCrae’s new album, ‘Sons of Whiskey Women’, is a blend of honky tonk rebel and heart wrenching lyrics, which even the most hardened soul cannot deny.

With his own expressions of; classic ‘Outlaw’ country and vocals containing the soul of Motown legends, as well as an echo from the bands southern roots and the flat-picking guitar style of bluegrass, Doc McCrea’s musical sound is best described as: “Outlaw Soul”.

This album comes together with a style that is as unique as the band that created it, and is bound to reach the heart and soul of all listeners. 

"Take one look at ‘Doc’ McCrae and you will know that he is a man, that doesn’t just sing songs; McCrae has lived the songs he sings". Drawing on personal experience, to bring forth emotion that will touch even the depths of the most hardened soul.

  His soulful voice echoes the truth of the trials of life, with lyrics such as:

I’ve had to fight all my life, for the things that matter to me,

it aint always been easy,

it aint always left me free”.


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McCrae has toured and played with;

Hank Williams Jr. Bonnie Raitt, Allison Crouse, John Prine, Ry Cooder, David Bromberg, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,

Earl Scruggs, Pap John Creach, Osborne Brothers, The Dillards, Vasser Clemmons, John Hardford, Wyatt Rice,

Brad Corbin,  Lester Flat & Nashville Grass, Doc & Merle Watson,

and many more.


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